Sunday, April 13, 2008

Please Visit New space for updated playlists!

Happy Sunday!

Seeing that my last post was in December of 2007, I figure I should give you a quick update.

The Christmas vacation in Canada was WONDERFUL !!! Great Weather - Great Food - Great Friends and Family.
Returned back to Austin, all set to begin a new year of
THIS GREAT WHITE NORTH, and found that the studios had been torched by an arson!! Yes - KOOP seems to attract firebugs...

After 6 weeks off the air, KOOP returned with borrowed equipment and donated studio space(Thank you ENTERCOM). Its now April, and we are still working on the recovery plan. We hope to be back in our own space by late summer( whatever that means...)

We appreciate all the support that you have given to independent radio, and hope that you will continue to stick around in the future!

I have now moved my weekly playlists to my MYSPACE page and my page on the KOOP site.
Please visit them and check out the tunes. Email me any requests or comments!

Doug The Canuck

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Dec 09/07 Show #82 The Canadians Are At It Again

This will be my last show for 2007, as I am headed to Canada for the holidays. We'll see you in 2008 - but fear not, there are some wonderful folks filling in for me - so the music will not die.


1.Grand Analog/Touch Your Toes/Calligraffiti/Urbnet
2.Kinnie Starr /Amazed/Sun Again/Maple
3.Pilot Speed/Fairytale Of New York/Maybe This Christmas Tree/Nettwerk
4.The New Pornographers/Myriad Harbour/Challengers/Last Gang
5.Listening Party/Little Tender Hearts/Who Are We Missing/Kill Devil Hills
6.Tokyo Police Club/Your English Is Good/UK 7”/Mean Beard
7.Buttless Chaps/The Blizzard/It’s A Team Mint Xmas Vol. 2/Mint
8.Cuff The Duke/If I Live Or If I Die/Sidelines Of The City/Hardwood
9.Prayer Meeting/You Gotta Be Fast To Keep Up With Julie/S/T/Indie
10. Fond Of Tigers/Hebvark/Release The Saviours/Drip Audio
11. Inhabitants/Sad Friend/The Furniture Moves Underneath/Drip Audio
12. Wilson/Lee/Bentley/Laxing Lizards Resume/Escondido Dreams/Drip Audio
13. Tony Wilson 6Tet/Innocent Objections/Pearls Before Swine/Drip Audio
14. Pointed Sticks/Out Of Luck/Perfect Youth/Stiff
15. The Payola$/Christmas Is Coming/Hammer On A Drum/A&M
16. The Cliks/Cry Me A River/Snakehouse/Tommy Boy
17. David Carswell & Megan Barnes/I Wanna Kiss You this Christmas/It’s A Team Mint Xmas Vol 2/Mint
18. Stompin’ Tom/Snowmobile Song/Songs Of Canada/Boot
19. Julie Doiron/Snow Falls In November/Goodnight Nobody/Jagjaguwar
20. The Details/Strings & Ribbons/Unreleased Myspace Track
21. Hylozoists/La Fin Du Monde/La Fin Du Monde/Boompa

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Dec 02/07 Show #81 So This Is Winter?

Just another 2 weeks until I head to CANADA to visit folks over the Christmas Holidays. Yup - the snow and cold is gonna knock me out...


1.Two Hours Traffic/Nighthawks/Little Jabs/Bumstead
2.Joel Plaskett/Drunk Teenagers/Ashtray Rock/Maple
3.Shane Watt/Telephone/Elan’s Diner/Grenadine
4.The Neins Circa/Faster Than Them/Sleeves & Wigs/Copperspine
5.Parlour Steps/Make Way/The Great Perhaps/Figment
6.Parlour Steps/Liberetine Takes A Lover/The Great Perhaps/Figment
7.Elliot Brood/Oh Alberta/Tin Type/Electro Photo
8.Romi Mayes /Sweet Somethin’ Steady/SSS/Indie
9.Romi Mayes/Eight More Days/Sweet Somethin Steady/Indie
10.The Deep Dark Woods/They Won’t Last Long/Hang Me Oh Hang Me/Black Hen
11.Scott Nolan/Bad Liver-Broken Heart/Receiver-Reflector/Indie
12.The Evaporators/You Got Me Into This, Now You Get Me Out/Gassy Jack and Other Tales/Mint
13.Five Blank Pages/A Point Of Reference/Spaces To Occupy & Abandon/Sunday League
14.The Matthews Brothers/Gasoline/Demo/Indie
15.Andrew Rodriguez/What I Done/Here Comes The Light/Baudelaire
16.The Sadies/Sunset To Dawn/New Seasons/Outside
17.Novillero/The Hypothesist/Aim Rigth For The Holes In Their Lives/Mint
18.Autopilot/Solitude & Anarchy/Now Its Time You Know What We’re Losing For/Indie
19.North Atlantic Explorers/Anchors Away/Skylines/Anniedale

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Nov 25/07 Show #80 Close Your Eyes & Relax


1.VitaminsForYou/1986/The Legend Of Birds Hill/Indie
2.Stars/In Our Bedroom After The War/IOBATW/A&C
3.Krista L.L. Muir/Leave Alight/Leave Alight/Indie
4.P:ano/Billions & Billions/When It’s Dark & It’s Summer/Zum
5.Great Aunt Ida/Fisherman’s Blues/Our Fall/Indie
6.Do Make Say Think/White Light Of/& Yet & Yet/Constellation
7.Octoberman/X-Pat/These Trails Are Old & New/White Whale
8.Kepler/Thoroughbred Gin/Attic Salt/Troubleman
9.Arcade Fire/Windowsill/Neon Bible/Merge
10.Wintersleep/Miasmal Smoke & The Yellow Bellied Freaks/Welcome To The Night Sky/Labwork
11.Torngat/32 mm/Torngat/Indie
12.The Acorn/Heirlooms/Tin Fist/PaperBag
13.Holoscene/Telesterion/Nothing Is The End Of Everything/Son Lumiere
14.KC Accidental/Tired Hands/Captured Anthems For An Empty Bathtub/Indie