Monday, January 15, 2007

Jan 15/07 Show #36 The North Has Indeed Arrived

Happy Monday Everyone. Half the folks are off work for MLK JR Day...and THIS Great White North has officially arrived in Texas. Freezing rain. Plummeting temps.(haha)
There's even a little bit of snow on the rooftops from where I sit. Thanks for snuggling up with a warm Canadian. Cheers.


1.Sam Roberts/Bridge To Nowhere/Chemical City/Universal
2.Bronx Cheerleader/Got Company/Tough Guy Cliches/Yummy
3.Panurge/Smile All The While/Walking In The Fog/Last Gang
4.Shotgun & Jaybird/Secret/There Are Days & Then There Are Days/Sappy
5.Sister Suvi/Monsters/Sister Suvi/Independent
6.Rheostatics/Rain Rain Rain/Whale Music/Sire
7.Spiral Beach/New Clouds Hot Clouds/Spiral Beach/Independent
8.The Arcade Fire/Intervention/Neon Bible/Merge
9.Hello Operator/So Free/Hello Operator EP/Independent
10.Vancougar/Mine First/Losin' It/Scratch
11.Sloan/I Understand/Never Hear The End Of It/Sony
12.Rah Rah/Cuba-Peru/Songs For Pasquala/Independent
13.The Awkward Stage/Sad Girl Radio/Heaven Is For Easy Girls/Mint
14.Carbon Dating Service/Lazerbear/Carbon Dating Service/Tear Gas Recording Tree
15.Moses Mayes/Intrafusion/Second Ring/Dublum

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